Hairy or Shaved Pussy or just doesnt matter?

Posted on Mon, 13 August 2018

              or                      or neither?




I was with my new girlfriend last weekend and i put my hand down her shorts as we were messing around on my bed and I noticed my hand was full of her pussy and I could feel alot of hair on it. Of course I didn't say anything because I want to get some pussy, so I continued to rub her hairy pussy. Then I take off her shorts and panties and before my face I could see a her hairy pussy. It was trimmed but still hairy. I was so horny I just ate her pussy and made her cum so hard that she wanted my big cock in her pussy. After we were done fucking, she asked me how I liked her pussy, of course I said I liked it, but I prefer if your pussy is smooth. She asked why, I said that I prefer to touch, lick and fuck a smooth hole. She smiled and said she will shave for me next time. Later that night when she was gone I was asking myself which is better? Does it even matter? Some men would say that it is nicer and clean to look at and eat shaved pussy, but others would say that a nice hairy pussy is more natural and they enjoy eating this just as much. Women on the other hand have told that is is easier to take care of when it is hairy because they dont have to shave it all the time and dont have to worry about it itching when it starts to grow back. So I will ask all of you for your opinions on which do u prefer and why? Do you like to lick a hairy or a shaved pussy? Can you tell the difference when you are fucking one verses the other? Tell us about why u like one or the other and tell us about some of your experiences with each.