Having sex in the Hot Tub

Posted on Fri, 14 September 2018




After a long day with the family during the holidays, my girlfriend suggested to me that after everyone leaves we should go outside and sit in our hot tub for a while. I said sounds great, and after everyone left she and I put on our swimming suits and went out and got into the hot tub. It was very relaxing, and after a few minutes I felt her hand on my leg as it slowly moved up my thighs and then under my shorts. As she started to rub my balls, I looked at her with a big smile as I reached over and put my hand on her knee and I slowly moved my hand up her leg to her inner thighs. As I rubbed her thighs I slowly moved my hand between her legs.  Then i started to rub on the outside of her bikini shorts with my hand and teasing her pussy by rubbing between her lips with my finger, this was getting her so excited. Then she reach over to me and we started to kiss more and more as she started to rub my cock and I put my other hand on her breast. I started to rub her tits, as I was rubbing them I could feel her nipples getting harder. I was so hard by this time, I  then stood up in front of her as she reached out and grab my shorts and pulled then down quickly. She grabed my cock with one hand and started to rub it fast and with the other hand she was massaging my balls, I was so fucking hard at this moment I then told her to stand up. She then stood in front of me, I then picked her up and set her down on the side of the hot tub. I then got on my knees and reached up and pulled of her bikini shorts and tossed them to the side. She then lifted up and spread her legs, her nice shaved pussy was staring me in the face. I told her, wow such a sweet pussy, do you want me to lick her. She said yes, eat me. Then i started to lick her thighs as I quickly made my way to her lips, then made my way up to her clit. I was licking her softly at first and then started to speed up, as I did she grabed my head and I can feel her pussy cuming on my tounge. She was so fucking wet and horny now. I looked up at her, and she smiled and told me she wanted it now. I said what do u want?She said fuck me now! So I stood up and grab my cock and put it in her wet pussy fast. Her eyes got larger and she said wow it feels so good. I was so hard as I began to fuck her harder and harder. After a few minutes she told me she wanted to fuck me now, and told me to lay down, as i did she jump on top of me and grabed my cock and slide it inside of her before I was even laying down. She was fucking me so fast and hard now, she said are you ready to cum yet? I said yes. She said do u want to cum inside me? I said yes bebe. She said then cum for me now as she fucked me harder and harder i try to hold on longer, but it felt so damn good, I lost it. wow I came and she came so much. Afterwards we agreed this is what we definetly needed after this long day.


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