My first Golden Shower

Posted on Sun, 22 July 2018



I have been going out with my girlfriend for a number of months and we really haven't done any thing that out of the normal sex routine untill our first get away together. After a few months of dating we both found a Holiday weekend where we could get away and relax and have a little fun together. We decided to go away to a little beach community along the coast. I rented out this nice suite that over looked the ocean and it had a nice little private path directly down to the ocean that we could access at any time we wanted. Our first day we were there was nice but not as freaky as the next night became. The next night started out the same where we went down to the beach before dinner and was swimming in the ocean and just relaxing on the sand. She then said lets go and sit and have dinner. We went up as we were dressed and had a nice dinner, but at dinner she keeped asking me if I was thirsty and telling me to drink more alcohol and water. I ask her why but she said dont worry u will find out later. So after dinner we went back to our suite and immediately started to kiss as we walked in. She said to me that we are still a little dirty from swimming and that we should take a shower together. We went to our bathroom where we had a large roman shower that we could both easily fit in. Before I got in the shower I told her I had to pee first, but she said not yet she wanted me now. So as I looked at her she was rubbing her tits and telling me to come fuck her hard in the shower. I went to her as fast as I could. She started to wash my back first then my ass then down my legs and to my feet. I turned around to her and wash her tits and stomach and her pussy and then down her legs to her feet. She then started to wash my chest and got on her knees to wash my cock and my balls, it felt good. She looked up at me and told me that she wanted me to fuck her hard, by this time my cock was ready for her so I got behind her and had her place her hands on the wall. I kneed down behind her and open her legs and started to lick her clit then her lips. Wow she tasted good and her pussy was so wet already. She turned and told me she was so wet and she wanted me inside her now. I got up and spread her ass so I could get deep in that pussy.  I started a little slow but speed up fast. I was pounding her harder she said she loved my big cock and told me to fuck her harder. I was fucking her so hard and she was telling me she was cumming so much, then she told me she wanted me to cum in her pussy now. I came so much in her wet pussy. It  felt great. Then she turned around and started to kiss me again she was holding my cock as we kissed and feeling it get softer in her hand. I stopped kissing her and said I really needed to pee. She smiled and said do u need to pee alot. I said so bad bebe. She smiled and said to me that she wanted me to pee on her. I look at her a little confused but quickly said ok bebe how u want it. She then got on her knees in front of me and opened her mouth and told me to pee on her face and into her mouth. I was so turned on, I held my cock and I just let it flow all over her face and I aimed my flow right into her mouth. She swallowed my pee as it was going into her mouth, and the rest overflowed right over her chin and down her breast. This was so hot. When I stoped she smiled and told me that felt so warm and nice all over her face. She stood up and showered as I was still a little confused but it felt so good peeing on her and watching her drink my pee. From then on she loved me to pee all over her as our relationship got kinkier from this weekend on.



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